Passport en fût Montreal 2017

May 1st to December 15th. Limited quantity.

Are you ready to drink Montréal?

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The passeport

How does it work?


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Receive it home in May


Visit any of the participating brewpubs

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Choose a product to discover among a selection.

Discover the selection

Repeat the experiment in each of the participating breweries.

Participating breweries

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The concept

The mission

Geneviève and I only have one thing in mind: developing tools to better experience and discover local products and businesses. There are so many well-hidden treasures: it is time to discover and rediscover them. This year, we want to launch a movement. A different movement. We want you to taste Montreal. To drink Montreal. To absorb every product you discover. Let’s raise our pint to discoveries and to Québec’s love for beers! Cheers! #JEBOISMTL

Catherine, President & Cofounder, Passeport Local inc.


Discover Montreal differently


  • 100% LOCAL
  • Tool of your discoveries and unique urban experiences

* We will send your Passport by mail as soon as possible!



Q: When using my Passeport en fût in a participating brewery, do I have to spend an additional amount?

A: The tip is not included, as we want to emphasize the high quality service these breweries provide (Expect at least 15% like usual). We also encourage you to make the most out of your experience and try other products like an original dish (at your own costs, optional)

Q: If I dont really appreciate beer, what will the Passeport en fût offer me?

A: Not a problem! Each participating brewery offer a wide selection of products, including a non-alcoholic option and/or a culinary dish. The Passeport en fût can still make you discover the small hidden treasures of Montreal whatever your tastes are, and offer you a large flexibility.

Q: Can I buy more than one Passeport en fût?

A: Unfortunately no. The limit is one Passport en fût per person as the quantities are limited. If you want to offer a Passeport en Fût as a gift or want to order a larger quantity for a group (for collegues at work for example), simply e-mail us at:

Q: Where can I buy a Passeport en fût?

A : You can buy it right here on this website in the “BUY” section. The cost is 40.00$ + tx.

What can i get with my Passeport en fût?

As you will go to each participating brewery, you’ll chose one option to discover! It can be a glass, a pint, a snack or other local product depending on the offer of each place. Enjoy! To see the list of your options for every brewery, click on every logo in the section “Participating breweries”.

Stay tune!

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